Frugal Lifestyle | This Family Life We Live | Photo by Doce Photography

Hello friends!

I haven’t written anything here in a while. I started out this blog as an outlet for my creativity and writing. However, I got caught up with everyone telling me that I should be making money from my blog, that I should set up ads, that I should do a whole lot of SEO optimization so that my blog will be on top of google searches.

The stress of it all just made me give up.

Frugal Lifestyle | This Family Life We Live | Photo by Doce Photography

Back To Basics

In hindsight, I started this blog as a stress reliever. When it turned to another item giving me stress, I completely abandoned it.

I really do love writing about my ideas and expressing my creativity. My articles have been published by Calgary’s Child magazine for the past couple of months, and I’ve enjoyed writing those.

I still play around with Canva and create social media posts or just wall decor for our home. No pressure, just creating.

So I have decided to go back to my original purpose for this blog. I’ll just write my ideas to share them with you.

I’ve also decided to do this for all my social media channels. Just create content to share ideas and have an outlet for creativity. No pressure.

Frugal Lifestyle | This Family Life We Live


I’ve re-branded the blog, just a little. (Using Canva of course!) Just to remind me that I’m going back to basics.

Watch out for more content here and throughout my social media channels this year friends!

As always, be kind.