We are starting a new tradition of creating bucket lists for the season. I’ve seen Summer Bucket Lists floating around in Pinterest and thought to give it a try.

So here is A Summer Adventure Bucket List For Your Family To Copy!

Summer Adventure Bucket List | This Family Life We Live


We live so close to the beautiful Canadian Rockies. There are endless hiking trails surrounding us. But since Kenzie is just 3, we have to consider his hiking tolerance.

Using the All Trails app on my phone, we’ve found several easy and kid-friendly hikes that we can chose from.

The goal is to conquer 4 hiking trails this summer.

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What is geocaching you ask?

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS enabled devices. You navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden in that location.

We use our phones with the geocaching app downloaded from the Apple app store.

Once you find the geocache, sign the logbook, and return the geocache to it’s original position. You can then log your find on your phone app.

The goal is to find 10 geocaches this summer.


Also known as glamorous camping or luxury camping, glamping has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years.

My beef with traditional camping is the lack of clean, decent, non-shared washrooms and showers. We love the outdoors, but cannot live without our own toilet and showers. LOL

Canada’s west coast is home to a lot of amazing glamping sites. We fully intend to take advantage of this!

The goal is to have one glamping adventure this summer.

Summer Adventure Bucket List | This Family Life We Live

Fly A Kite

This is Kaeden’s contribution to the list. Considering that we live so close to many parks, it’s crazy that we haven’t flown a kite before.

We are new to this kite-flying game, so our kites are just from Dollarama. Cheap enough to not to make our wallets cry if we break them or if we realize that we don’t like flying kites. LOL

The goal is to spend one afternoon flying a kite this summer.

Road Trip

Road trips have always been a constant part of our summers. We try to do at least one road trip a year.

This year’s trip has not been planned yet. (Admitting that just gave me a slight panic attack!) Since everything travel related is so up in the air, we think it’s best to “wing it” this year.

Our primary goal is to road trip to BC’s Sunshine Coast. If that is not possible, the back-up plan is to do the road trip to Jasper National Park.

Where will your adventures take you this summer?

Share your summer adventure bucket list down in the comments below or through social media – make sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.

Enjoy your summer friends!

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