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This Family Life We Live

Welcome to This Family Life We Live!

Hello! I’m Klynne, wife to Marc, mommy to Kaeden and Kenzie, Pharmacist by profession, family life organizer and adventure planner. I am the main voice of this blog. 🙂

Our goal is to help typical families like us live a frugal life full of adventures by sharing our experiences.

What we are about

Frugal Lifestyle

Having a frugal lifestyle means being conscious of your spending and focusing on a few financial priorities. FRUGAL is not synonymous to CHEAP. Frugality is being wise with your money.

We began our transition to a frugal lifestyle a couple of years ago, so we are sharing our struggles and wins with changing our way of living. Frugal living is a big lifestyle change for us, the road will be painful at times, but we do our best to make it fun and exciting!

Family Finances

In line with adapting to a frugal lifestyle, we have also slowly revamped our finances the past couple of years. Since family finances are a huge part of all our lives, we have been doing our best to be intentional with our savings & spending. We share our experiences and let you know what worked and the struggles that we’ve overcome.

Family Adventures

We’re not all business around here! Our family loves to travel and take on adventures.

When we travel, we travel as a pack – me, Marc, Kaeden, Kenzie, (Gran)Mama, (Gran)Papa, and Uncle (my brother). In here, I share everything that we get into for traveling – finding the time, funding, creating an itinerary, preparation, and travel experiences.

On weekends, we also love to take on local adventures. We live close to the Canadian Rockies, home of the famous Banff National Park. It’s a shame if we don’t explore our own backyard!

In here we also share our local travelling experience from hiking, camping, and just being outdoorsy.

Since we are a multi-generational adventuring and travelling family, there is something to learn for everyone.

We hope you enjoy and learn from our ideas. If you found something you love or learn something new from our blog, please give it a like and a share. Because sharing is caring. 🙂

This Family Life We Live

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This Family Life We Live

Thank you for being here and we hope you enjoy our content!

– Klynne